Attack eyebrows!!" i think that’s all we need to know about Twelve

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Fanfic Gems: Doctor/Rose Fic Recs



So I’ve decided, in order to keep tabs of some of my favourite stories, I’m going to do a regular Doctor/Rose ‘fic rec’ feature. What will make this different, though, is that I’m going to mainly stick to the lesser known fics, the ones you may have missed. Like many of you, I binged hard…

Such a lovely idea! Thank you so much <3 


- You’re so different. 
- New New Doctor.

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This is my dad, his name is David and he has cancer. It started in his stomach and then spread into his liver, blood, bones, and brain and now, after ten years of fighting we’re at the end of the line and he’s going to die soon.
He’s always been a really great dad and my best friend; he raised me all alone from the time I was 7 years old, an still managed to give me a wonderful and loving childhood, and always made me his number one priority. So now I want to do something for him.
For as long as I can remember he’s collected college t-shirts, his goal was to get one from every college in the country, and he has over 300 so far, but he can’t get around so well anymore and I was hoping that maybe, if any of you lived near a college you could send him one to help complete his collection before he dies.
I really love my dad and he’s an incredibly funny, charming, kind person and I’m sure you would all love him if you met him too, and I really want to make this happen for him but I do need help. In return I’ll pay for the shirt and the shipping and even send you a picture of my super cool dad wearing the shirt if you want it! Thank you.

The mailing address is:

David and Tzipporah
New York, ny 10017

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Little Rose/Doctor Moments | "Werewolves."

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So update on the situation my mom has a much better job now and I have a job (Albeit really irregular as fuck) that pays pretty well. We found a place we can afford the only problem is we don’t have enough for the deposit yet and we need to be out of this house…

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David Tennant on Rose Tyler | Doctor Who: The Companions

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Take Me to the Stars - Chapter 12: Stolen Bliss (A Ten/Rose AU fic)

Her life was dull. Very dull. Future heiress to the extensive Vitex fortune, Rose Tyler had no hope for a life of her own. Not until she met the Doctor, a mad man with some delightfully great hair, a man who waltzed straight into her life and made a right mess out of it, showing her that just one day is enough to change everything. // Ten/Rose multichapter AU. Romance, adventure, angst and tons of DoctorxRose! link (story in progress): here

AO3: here

Teaspoon: here



"I care," he said, pulling her heart to a sudden stop. "About you. That’s why I asked. I’m happy if you’re happy, Rose. Of course I’m happy."

Before she could even utter a word in response, he shot her a heart-wrenching look and strode off towards the console room. And then, before she could even begin to compose herself, the TARDIS took off and she had to hold on for dear life, because the Doctor seemed to be rather reckless that day.

She was being reckless too, she realized. She was being reckless with the one thing she’d hate to have broken.

She should know better than to give her heart away to a man that already had two of his own.


Slender fingers absentmindedly flipped through the glossy pages of a magazine before putting it away with a sigh. Her eyes went down to her fingernails, inspecting the slightly chipped red nail polish without interest… And then she sighed again.

He hadn’t even noticed when exactly he stopped tinkering and started out-right staring. He must’ve been too engrossed in watching Rose; yup, that must be it, because the Doctor had a big, magnificent brain and he most certainly knew how to multitask when he wanted to. Well, apparently today was not one of those days, because he’d let the metallic contraption fall idly into his lap, while he observed his friend out of the corner of his eye, noting all the little things that a person who didn’t know her as well as he did would likely miss.

Actually interpreting the signs though, that was another thing…

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Haven’t ever done them so thought I might give this a go with my newest follower milestone, whoooo! I love all of my followers and as well as adore the people I follow too, even if we might not be mutual followers. The bolded ones will be those who whose edits or fics I adore and I interact more. So here it is y’all! 

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These are great guys and have fantastic blogs. So thanks for being amazing, fantastic blogs guys!

Thank you so much & congrats on the milestone! :D <3